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10 Popular Tourist Destinations In Banten

The Banten Province which located at the western part of Javanese Island is having numerous beautiful tourist destinations and can be visited by you as well as with friends and families. Its location is very strategic. This Banten Province could become an alternative tourist destination besides Bandung and Bogor for the citizen of Jakarta and the surrounding area. 

1. Anyer Beach - Popular Tourist Destination in Banten

anyer beach is tourist destination in banten
Anyear Beach, Banten [Image (c) @hengkys_project]

This beach is one of the most famous and highly visited beaches by tourists that located in Serang, Banten. Not only Anyer Beach, but Banten also has the other series of beaches which beautiful and highly suitable to be visited by you during the weekend with your beloved friends or families. 

If you are planning to stay in the area of Anyer Beach, no need to worry because you will easily find some low-price lodgings with adequate facilities.

2. Ciberang River Rafting of Banten - Challenging Tourist Destination in Banten

ciberang river rafting  is tourist destination in banten
Ciberang River, Banten [Image (c) @aris1to]

This rafting which located around the Banten area is also becoming the tourist destination which numerously visited by the non-local visitors who come from outside the Banten City. 

Around the area of this Ciberang River rafting, there is a lake in which the water is still clear and lovely as well as surrounded by green trees and hills. 

To reach this place, you have to certainly pass uneasy roads; winding and steep paths to this rafting place are better to be 
traveled through the two-wheels vehicle or by foot.

3. Banten Great Mosque of Banten - Beautiful Tourist Destination in Banten

banten great mosque  is tourist destination in banten
Great Mosque, Banten [Image (c) @eichirografer]
This mosque has been established since 1569. Banten Great Mosque has the architecture which still thick with the characters in the past. This mosque has very ethnical combinations. 

The cultures of Hindu, China, Java, and Europe were combined as a unity in a Great Mosque which located in Banten Lama Street, Kasemen, Serang. 

Not just a usual Mosque, this place has been often made as a tourist destination by the visitors due to its beauty and greatness which become the typical characteristic of Muslim in Banten.

4. Dano Swamp of Banten - Wild Tourist Destination in Banten

dano swamp is tourist destination in banten
Dano Swamp, Banten [image source]

Dano Swamp is located in Serang Regency. It can be traveled approximately 100 kilometers from Jakarta. This Dano Swamp is one of the tourist destinations in Banten that has stunning natural panorama and should not be missed. 

Based on its name, Dano Swamp has lakes, swaps, and forest. This place which has approximately 2,500 hectares area is surprisingly still inhabited by many reptiles such as lizards and snakes.

5. Tasikardi Lake of Banten - Artificial Lake Tourist Destination in Banten

Tasikardi Lake is tourist destination in banten
Tasikardi Lake, Banten [Image (c) dwiellisyati]

Located at Margasana Village, Kramatwatu District, Serang City, Banten. This Tasikardi Lake is located approximately 10 kilometers from the center of Serang City. The origin of this lake is also coming from the Sundanese language means as "artificial lake". 

The lake that has approximately 5 hectares of area turns out to have the basic layer in the form of brick tiles. In here, you can conduct some activities such as fishing, camping, playing water boat, and enjoy the fresh atmosphere provided in the Tasikardi Lake. In addition, in here you can also cross and visit the historical heritage island of Sultan Banten.

6. Sangiang Island of Banten - Beautiful Tourist Destination in Banten

Sangiang Island is tourist destination in banten
Sangiang Island, Banten [Image (c) @explore_serang]

This island which located at the Sunda Strait, Banten can be traveled by boat from Anyer beach. The travel time will take about 45 minutes. There are some other tourist destinations which also beautiful and can be enjoyed during your visit to this place. 

Some of them are marine tourism, culture tourism, scientific tourism, and natural tourism. After visiting some tourist destinations in Sangiang Island, now it's time to try the other activities as the facilities of this island. 

In here, you can try hiking, cycling, camping, snorkeling, fishing as well as enjoying some of the historical Japanese fortresses from the past world war era.

7. Sawarna Beach of Banten - Amazing Tourist Destination in Banten

Sawarna Beach is tourist destination in banten
Sawarna Beach, Banten [Image (c) @umamahzahra_]

This beach is the area located at Bayah, Banten. Sawarna Beach is still categorized as a new tourist destination and has not yet to attract many visitors. 

The place which popular due to social media is located in Bayah area. This beach is commonly used as a surfing spot by the tourists due to its high waves. 

You do not have to worry if planning to stay around this beach because you will easily find some cottages/lodgings around the location with low price.

8. Banten Forest House of Banten - Comfortable Tourist Destination in Banten

Banten Forest House is tourist destination in Banten

Still located around Serang area, this place is located in Bojong Hamlet, Cidampit Village, Taktakan District, Serang. Actually, this place is the forest house equipped with the facility of the tree house. 

The atmosphere is still very natural, this place has its uniqueness and attractiveness, therefore, it has been visited by many tourists.

9. Curug Bumi of Banten - Refreshing Tourist Destination in Banten

Curug Bumi is tourist destination in Banten
Curug Bumi, Banten [Image  (c) @khairulamina.17]

One of the tourist destinations which considered as very cool and natural is Curug Bumi (Bumi Waterfall) or what often called as Leuwi Bumi. 

It is located at Padarincang, Serang, Banten. This waterfall has very clear water pool and very freshening. This spot is very suitable to be visited during the weekend with your beloved families and friends. 

Curug Bumi does not only visited to be able to play in the water, but this place is also made for camping by the visitors. Are you ready to camp in this waterfall?

10. Ujung Kulon National Park of Banten - Attractive Tourist Destination in Banten

Ujung Kulon National Park is tourist destination in Banten
Ujung Kulon National Park, Banten [Image (c) @xanandafh]
Ujung Kulon National Park is the most conserved natural area in Indonesia which holds a crucial role and still maintained or preserved by Indonesia. There is much attractiveness that attracts the visitors to step their foot in this place, including several tropical forests in a lowland which very beautiful and amazing. 

In addition, you can meet with one-horned rhinoceros. Not only rhino, but there are also a lot of animal kinds that protected in this Ujung Kulon National Park, some of them are Javanese Rhino, Bison, Wild Boar, Lemur, and various kinds of birds and primates, and the other animals.

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