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    7 Heaven-Like and Riveting Tourist Attractions in East Nusa Tenggara

    When hearing the name of “Indonesia”, most travellers must be saying “Bali, right’?. If compared to other provinces, Bali is indeed very popular due to its charming natural beauty. However, if you move toward the Southeast of Indonesia, there are various tourist attractions in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) that as good as what Bali has. Besides Labuhan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara also has several tourist destinations which known for their heaven-like views. If you plan a trip to NTT. 

    These 7 tourist attractions of East Nusa Tenggara should be included in your bucket lists.

    1. Komodo Island

    komodo island indonesia
    Komodo Island [image source]
    Komodo Island is the only island which had been included in the list of seven wonders of the world. This island has a natural beauty which will make you say “wow, amazing!”. 

    Besides visiting the biggest komodo captivity in the world, you could also visit other places, including Pink Beach. 

    But unfortunately the cost of vacation package to Komodo Island can be considered as expensive. To save some fortune, you can do the backpacker trip with your friends.  

    2. Nembrala Beach

    Nemblara Beach [image source]
    Love surfing and want to challenge the waves? Nembrala Beach is the place! In here you can surf to your heart’s content from dawn till dusk. There are three transportation routes that you can choose namely water, air, and land routes. There's no entrance ticket for this beach. But you have to pay to rent the surfing equipment.  

    For the rental cost itself, you could directly ask the renters which are available in that area. You can also bring your own surfing equipment if you don’t want to spend your money. 

    August-October is the best time to visit the beach. At these months, Nembrala Beach will organize a surfing competition. Well, for you who want to “show off", you can absolutely join this competition.

    3. Kelimutu Lake

    kelimutu lake indonesia
    Kelimutu Lake [image source]
    At the top of Mount Kelimutu, there is Kelimutu Lake which familiar as Three-Coloured Lake. The naming of this three-coloured lake is not perfunctory but based on the reality because this Lake is indeed has three different colours namely red, blue, and white. 

    It was said that the lake has been referred to as a sacred lake because it can fertilize its surrounding area. Believe it or not, it's based on what faith you embraced. To enjoy the beauty of Kelimutu Lake, the visitor will be charged Rp.2,000 as the retribution fee. 

     4. Alor Island

    alor island east nusa tenggara indonesia
    Alor Island [image source]
    Alor is a small hidden island in NTT. No kidding, this island is known as the best diving spot  in NTT. Its clear water plus the fascinating underwater charm will make anyone reluctant to leave this place. 

    From the popularity wise, Alor Island is quite famous because lot of foreign sites have published the information about the beauty of this island. So don’t be surprise if there are lot of travellers who visit this place frequently.  

    5. Oenesu Waterfall

    oenesu waterfall east nusa tenggara indonesia
    Oenesu Waterfall [image source]
    Oenesu Waterfall is dubbed as a waterfall of grace for Kupang City. The existence of this waterfall has made Kupang City, which was so hot and dry, turns into a cool and comfortable city because the water in Oenesu Falls never experiences drought despite the dry season.

    Oenesu Waterfall consists of four tiers. On the sidelines of each measurement, there is a mini pool which is often made as a place for swimming and bathing. With a distance of 20 km from the city of Kupang, you can get to this beautiful waterfall.

    6. Sano Nggoang Lake

    sano nggoang lake indonesia
    Sano Nggoan Lake [image source]
    Feel tired after going around the city all day? You can stop by Lake Sano Nggoang, one of the volcanic lakes in the Mbeiling Forest area. In here, you can enjoy natural relaxation steps. 

    You can do this by plunging in the hot spring baths. Besides being used as a bathing spot, the lake is also used as the source of water to irrigate the area around Labuhan Bajo.

    7. Ruteng City

    Ruteng City [image source]
    Ruteng is a city located in the highlands of Flores which is a part of the Manggarai Regency. The city is known for its neat and beautiful city structure, coupled with the relaxed rhythm of its people's lives.

    Of all the cities in NTT, Ruteng City is one of the most organized cities. Because all the people who live in this city really take a decent care of every corner of the city.

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